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Who Is Allowed to Operate My Boat?

If you own a boat in Neptune, NJ, understanding the details of your insurance policy will save you from significant trouble and inconveniences. You will also appreciate the professional advice and services that dirus & Sons LLC offers in the region. Learn all the exclusions and inclusions of your insurance coverage before you cruise the ocean for your trip. Review the following guidelines to be in the know zone.  

Does My Boat Insurance Recognize Another Driver Besides Me?

Your boat insurance cover operates like auto insurance, which protects the driver you have listed. That way, it does not cover any other operator besides the one listed. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid inviting guest operators to your boat unless you are ready to take responsibility for any eventuality. Your insurer will not compensate for any damage or injuries if an accident happens when another driver is riding the vessel. However, the insurance does not restrict you from sharing your boat, but liability is your potion.

How Will My Boat Insurance Treat Another Operator?

Owning a boat invites the urge to spend more time in the ocean. With boat insurance, you can cruise in confidence. The insurance is there to compensate for losses you may incur if an accident involving your boat happens. Understanding that insurance only covers the policyholder is incredible. 

Your insurer will want to have the details of the designated driver to your boat when buying your insurance. If you own the boat with another person, it is prudent to list them as covered drivers. That way, you don’t have to worry when any of the people listed on the policy operates the boat. 

If an accident happens, your insurer will not have any issue compensating for your losses, as long as the driver is among the covered ones. It is wise to include your relatives and a few friends who may use your boat in the future. Do not lend your vessel to any unlicensed operator, lest you lose on compensation.

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