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3 Benefits of Term Life Insurance

Residents who live in Neptune, NJ can call the agents of Dirus & Sons if they want to learn more about term life insurance. Term life offers benefits that whole life does not. This type of coverage is more simple in nature and can provide the right amount of coverage without breaking your budget.

Cheaper Premiums

Term life offers a specific amount of coverage. The amount of coverage determines premiums and how many years the term is set for. This means that the premiums may be considerably less than a whole life policy with a considerably higher payout. Cheaper premiums make term life a great choice for individuals who are only looking to cover their final expenses.

Set Term

Unlike whole life, term life is set up to be paid up to maturity within a specific amount of time, normally 10, 15, or 20 years. With a term life policy, you always know how many more payments you have before your policy is fully paid for. A set term makes it easy to plan your budget and prepare for your future.


Term life policies also build equity. This means that once a certain percentage has been reached, you may be able to borrow against it. Borrowing against equity is a nice perk and makes a great windfall in an emergency.

At Dirus & Sons, Neptune, NJ residents can rely on the agents to provide sound advice for term life insurance. They have the answers you need to purchase the perfect policy for your needs. Call today and talk to one of their reputable agents to get the answers you are looking for.

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