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Did Someone Crash Into Your Home? Will Your Home Insurance Policy Help?

Though it doesn’t happen all that often, there are times when cars may crash into homes or other buildings and cause severe damage. At dirus & Sons serving Neptune, NJ, we’ve seen it happen more than once. Is there anything that your home insurance policy can do to help you, or are you stuck? Here’s what you need to know about this situation and how you can prepare for it if it ever ends up happening to you.

How Your Home Insurance Helps In This Odd Situation

In a car crash situation, most home insurance policies will cover you, as they consider this a type of “mischief.” That said, you may also find that the auto policy of the person who crashed into you can help with many of these repairs. 

But what happens if their policy inevitably caps out, and you’re still stuck with repairs and renovations? At this point, you can likely turn to your home insurance to get help, depending on many factors, such as the limitations on your policy.

Before assuming that your policy covers you, though, it is a good idea to reach out to your agent to learn more. This professional can give you a better understanding of the nature of your policy and guide you through any confusion you may experience.

Protect Your Home Today With Our Help 

If you live on a busy road with many cars or have already experienced a crash into your home and need compensation, please talk to us at dirus & Sons right away to learn more. We serve the Neptune, NJ area and can provide you with insurance policies that make sense for your needs. And we can sort through the unique difficulties that this type of situation causes.

Should I get home insurance in Neptune?

Those who live in the Neptune, NJ area will find that the community offers many amenities that can make it a great place to live. When you are thinking of moving here, buying a property could be an ideal housing option. If you are going to move here and buy a home, you need to get proper insurance. There are a few reasons why getting home insurance is important and necessary.

Insurance Protects Assets

A key reason you will need to have a home insurance plan in this area is to help protect assets that you own. Your home is a major investment that you will want to pay off in the future. Further, you will have many personal items stored inside your property. If you get a full home insurance plan, you can receive the protection you need for these assets. 

Insurance is a Requirement

You will also want to get a home insurance plan as it could be a requirement for you. Anyone that would like to buy a home will likely take out a mortgage. If this is the situation for you, you must follow all rules set by the lender. Most of the time, the lender will require that you have insurance and escrow for your payments each month. 

Those that buy a home in the Neptune, NJ area should get a home insurance plan. As you are looking for a new insurance plan here, you should call Dirus & Sons. The insurance professionals with Dirus & Sons can give the guidance you need to choose a quality policy. Our team can do this by answering your questions and giving support while you build a new plan. 

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