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Flood Insurance Myths To Avoid

Dirus & Sons is an independent insurance agency. We offer insurance coverage to the Neptune, NJ community. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients find custom policies designed to protect their interests. We want to make sure that you are protected when tough times arise.

Flood Insurance Myths To Avoid

Severe flooding is a common issue that impacts thousands of people across the United States every year. Even if you stay in a relatively low-risk area of Neptune, NJ, there is still a chance that your property could be damaged if severe weather runs through the area. Flood insurance protects your property and personal belongings if they suffer flood damage. If there is extensive flood damage to your property, alternative living coverage assists you as you find another place to stay while your home is repaired. As you research flood insurance, try to avoid some of the misinformation that is spreading around.

Flood Insurance Only Benefits Homeowners

Flood insurance is available to you if you are staying in a rental property. If you own a business, you can add flood insurance to your commercial property as well.

You Are Ineligible For Coverage Because Of A Previous Flood

This is incorrect. You are still eligible to obtain flood insurance as long as you are staying in a community that is covered through the National Flood Insurance Program.

You Should Wait Until a Storm Is Approaching To Find Coverage

This is incorrect, as flood insurance policies have a 30-day grace period before coverage starts. If you wait until a week before severe weather is expected to move into the area, you will not be protected if your personal items are damaged. To ensure that you are covered when you need it most, look for coverage during relatively dry periods without the threat of a natural disaster.

Dirus & Sons Will Help You Find Coverage

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